Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells, And pretty maids all in a row.

(This nursery rhyme was based on Mary, The silver bells and cockleshells were the badges worn by the devout on holy pilgrimages, in particular to Compostella in Spain. The pretty maids were the nuns that she returned to England under her rule)




Maria Regina d'Inghilterra - Opera by Giovanni Pacini 1847






Midnight Mass for Queen Mary Tudor by John Sheppard (d.1559)







I am including a link to Gary Steven's 'Bloody Mary - Further Intrigue at the Tudor Court' board game that is downloadable over the internet. I have not tried out the game but it looks interesting - http://www.archsoc.com/games/Mary.html


Gruesome Fact:

When Mary was buried in Westminster Abbey no monument was placed there, instead a pile of loose rocks marked the spot. When Elizabeth died her heart was removed and placed in the casket that held Mary's heart. Elizabeth's tomb was put directly on top of Mary and that heavy tomb is now pressing down on Mary's and restoration will be necessary in the near future.






Mary as a paper doll from Queen Elizabeth Paper Dolls to Color from Bellerophon Book



 Henry and Mary as playing cards from Heritage Toy & Game company 1993.














Mary from A Coloring Book of the Kings and Queens of England, Bellerophon Books





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