Non-Fiction Books

Mary Tudor: England's First Queen Regnant - Truth is the Daughter of Tme

by Gregory Slysz


Gender, Power, and Ceremony in the Reign of England's First Queen

by Sarah Duncan


Mary Tudor "Bloody Mary" (The Thinking Gril's Treasury of Dastardly Dames)

by Gretchen Maurer and Peter Malone

Illustrated biography for ages 9 and up


Mary I, (The English Monarchs Series)

by John Edwards


Mary Tudor, England's First Queen

Biography of Mary by Anna Whitelock

US Cover


Fires of Faith, Catholic England under Mary Tudor

by Eamon Duffy


From the series A Wicked History we get Mary Tudor Courageous Queen or Bloody Mary by Jane Buchanan. This series includes Vlad the Impaler, Rasputin, Genghis Khan and Henry VIII.

You get the drift. For young adults.


Intrigue and Treason, The Tudor Court 1547-1558

Plots, affairs and religious upheaval in Edward and Mary's court by the leading Marian historian David Loades


Mary Tudor: The First Queen

by Linda Porter


The Reign of Mary I

by Robert Tittler

Although thin, this volume is a precise account of the reign.


 Mary Tudor

The Tragical History of the First Queen of England

by David Loades

Updated biography by the foremost authority on Mary.


Mary Tudor, A Life

by D.M. Loades

Biography by the foremost authority on Mary.


Mary Tudor, The Spanish Tudor

by H.F.M. Prescott

reprint of the 1952 edition of Spanish Tudor. A very readable and thorough book.


The Chronicles of the Tudor Queens

by D.M. Loades

Extracts from chronicles, diaries, dispatches and letters to illustrate the reigns.


The Reign of Mary Tudor

by D.M. Loades

The most complete book about the reign.


Bloody Mary's Martyrs

by Jasper Ridley

The lives and deaths of those persecuted under Mary's reign.


 Bloody Mary

by Carolly Erickson

An excellent biography.


The Conspirators and the Crown

by Hugh Ross Williamson

This book from 1958 is a concise version of the conspiracies surrounding Elizabeth during Mary's reign.


The Life and Times of Mary Tudor

by Jasper Ridley

Part of the Life and Times of the Kings and Queens of England series.


 Elizabeth (Struggle for the Throne (US)

by David Starkey

Elizabeth during Mary's reign.


Edward VI and Mary: A Mid-Tudor Crisis?

by Nigel Heard

Religious and political history of the reigns.


Bosworth Field to Bloody Mary

An Encyclopedia of The Early Tudors

by John A. Wagner

Descriptions of people and events from Henry VII to Mary Tudor. B&W illustrations.


 The Privy Purse Expenses of Princess Mary

by Frederick Madden(1831)

Mary's privy purse expenses from 1536-1544 and a listing of her jewelry inventory.

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