Queen Mary on her throne from the documentary Secrets of the Virgin Queen © National Geographic Channel.

Sarah Bolger portrays Mary in seasons 2 , 3, & 4 of The Tudors, © Showtime.

©Francois Rousseau ©Jonathan Hession

Bláthnaid McKeown as Mary in season 1 of The Tudors, © Showtime.

This 2008 Independent film, The Twisted Tale of Bloody Mary, traces Mary's life from childhood through her reign. Natalia Pieniazek as child Mary, Elizabeth Rees as the young Mary and Miranda French as the adult Mary.

Joanne Whalley as Mary from The Virgin Queen, with Anne Marie Duff as Elizabeth. © BBC

These scenes are from an HBO production of Scholastic Book's Elizabeth, Red Rose of the House of Tudor, a book for young adults. This episode is now on video. It portrays Mary (Marion Day) as the scheming, favored elder daughter who tries to foil Elizabeth's attempts to earn Henry's affection. © HBO/Scholastic

© Polygram Films

1998's Elizabeth, had Kathy Burke (left) in an over the top performance.

©BBC©EMI Film Productions Ltd.

Left - Verina Greenlaw portrayed Mary in the 1971 BBC television series The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Right - Mary (Sarah Long) flanked by Henry (Keith Michell) and Jane Seymour (Jane Asher) in the1973 film Henry VIII and his Six Wives based on the television series.


Left- The 1971 BBC television series Elizabeth R featured Mary (Daphne Slater) in the first episode, The Lion's Cub.

Center -In the 1969 movie about Anne Boleyn, Anne of the Thousand Days, Mary is portrayed by Nicola Pagett.

Right -The 1986 movie based on the life of Lady Jane Grey, Lady Jane, featured Jane Lapotaire as Mary.

Jane Grey (Nova Pilbeam) with Mary (Gwen Ffrangcon Davies) from the1936 movie Tudor Rose.


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