Historical Fiction

In the 18th century a play Lady Jane Grey was written by Nicholas Rowe. In the 19th century Tennyson wrote his play Queen Mary and Victor Hugo a play Mary Tudor. Another play Mary Tudor was published by Aubrey de Vere 1847. In the early 20th century Wilfred Grantham had yet another play, Mary Tudor.


The King's Damsel

by Kate Emerson

Thomasine Lodge is a lady-in-waiting to the young Princess Mary. Will she also become the King's mistress?


 A Dangerous Inheritance

by Alsion Weir

Queen Mary has a cameo as Katherine Grey's mentor.


 The Tudor Throne

by Brandy Purdy

US version of Mary & Elizabeth. Same author.


 Mary & Elizabeth

by Emily Purdy

Novel of Mary & Elizabeth's relationship


 The Tudor Secret

by C.W. Gortner

1553 - Who will win the crown: Jane Grey or Mary Tudor?

First of the Elizabeth I Sypmaster Chronicles.

(originally published as The Secret Lion)


 The Queen's Captive

by Barbara Kyle

Third of the Thornleigh Saga. The Queen is Mary, the Captive is Elizabeth.


The King's Daughter

by Barbara Kyle

Orginally published in 1995 as A Dangerous Devotion, Isabel Thornleigh plots to bring down Mary.


Her Mother's Daughter

by Julianne Lee

Novel about Mary's life.


The Queen's Sorrow

by Suzannah Dunn

The author of the Sixth Wife brings us a fictionalized life of Mary


The Queen's Fool

by Philippa Gregory

Hannah Green reluctantly becomes Queen Mary's fool and confidante.


I am Mary Tudor

The first book in the trilogy by Hilda Lewis.

First person account of Mary's life.


Mary the Queen

The second in the trilogy.


Bloody Mary

The last in the trilogy.


Kissed by Shadows

by Jane Feather

Romance and intrigue at Mary's court.


In the Shadow of the Crown

by Jean Plaidy

As in the Lewis series, Mary's story told in the first person.


Daughter of Henry VIII

by Rosemary Churchill

Mary's life from Hatfield to Henry's death.


Mary The Infamous Queen

by Maureen Peters

Mary's life through her reign.

(thanks Sandra)


Queen's Lady

by Patricia Parkes

More romance and intrigue at Mary's Court

Science Fiction

In the Time of Poisoned Queen

by Ann Dukthas

An immortal unravels the poisoning plot of Queen Mary.


In the Garden of Iden

by Kage Baker

Time traveling cyborgs in evil Mary's court.

Young Adult

To Be A Princess

by Hugh Brewster and Laurie Coulter

The Chapter Rival Sisters on Mary and Elizabeth



Mary, Bloody Mary

by Carolyn Meyer

Mary's youth and teen years.



Mary, Bloody Mary

by Carolyn Meyer

Alternate Cover


Beware Princess Elizabeth

by Carolyn Meyer

Elizabeth during Edward's and Mary's reigns.


Oh! Where are Bloody Mary's Earrings?

by Robert Player

Not technically about Mary as it takes place in Victoria's reign but there is a short pre-story focusing on Mary's earrings.

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