Acknowledgements & Links

Laura Eakins wonderful site.

Tudor England. A link to a very thorough and interesting site on the Tudors.

Elizabeth I - the most complete site about Mary's sister.

English Monarchs - beautiful, well-researched site on the history of the British monarchs.

The Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum - Very thorough site of all things Jane Grey.

The Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide - A listing of reference sources on the life of Lady Jane Grey.

Suggested Reading:

Mary Tudor by H.F. M. Prescott, 1953, Macmillan Company

The Lady Mary, A Biography of Mary Tudor 1553-1558 by Milton Waldman, 1972, Charles Scribner's sons

The Life and Times of Mary Tudor by Jasper Ridley, 1973, Weidenfeld & Nicolson

The House of Tudor by Alison Plowden, 1976, Stein & Day

Bloody Mary by Carolly Erickson, 1978, Doubleday & Company

The Reign of Mary Tudor by D. M. Loades, 1979, Ernest Benn Limited

The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir, 1996, Ballatine Books


Picture Sources:


State Portrait of Mary by Hans Eworth, Society of the Antiquaries, London


Katherine of Aragon - Michael Sittow, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Henry VIII - Joos Van Cleve, Her Majesty the Queen

Mary age 9 -Lucas Horenbout, National Portrait Gallery, London

Supposed Portrait of Mary, "Portrait of a Young Woman", Metropolitan Museum of Art

Teen Years:

Detail of Mary from the "Family of Henry VIII" - Hampton Court Palace


Anne Boleyn - National Portrait Gallery, London

Jane Seymour - Holbein, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Anne of Cleves - Holbein, The Louvre

Catherine Howard -Holbein, Her Majesty the Queen's collection, Windsor

Catherine Parr - National Portrait Gallery, London

Mary - Master John, National Portrait Gallery, London

Elizabeth & Mary:

Elizabeth - Her Majesty the Queen's Collection

Sketch of Mary by Holbein - Her Majesty the Queen's Collection, Windsor

Mary & Elizabeth entering London,1553 - The House of Commons, London

Edward & Mary:

The black and white image on the Edward & Mary page from European Costume, 400 Years of Fashion by Doreen Yarwood, 1982 Bonanza Books

Edward - William Stretes, Her Majesty the Queen

Edward -Holbein, National Portrail Gallery

Jane Grey & Mary:                       (Miniature thought to be Mary, attributed to Holbein, Private Collection)

Supposed portrait of Jane Grey - collection The Lord Hastings 

Jane Grey - Syon House

Detail of the "Execution of Lady Jane Grey" by Paul Delaroche, National Gallery London

Mary the Queen:

Mary I - Hans Eworth, National Portrait Gallery, London

Mary I - Antonio Moro, The Prado

Philip & Mary:

Philip - Antonio Moro

Philip & Mary - Hans Eworth, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

The Case of the Three Portraits:

Catherine Parr - National Portrait Gallery, London

Supposed Portrait of Jane Grey - Collection the Lord Hastings

Supposed Portrait of Mary Tudor - Collection the Earl of Jersey (destroyed)

Portrait Gallery

Mary Tudor - after Antonio Moro, Apsley House

Mary Tudor - Hans Eworth, Society of the Antiquaries

Mary I - Richard Burchett and pupils, House of Lords

Mary I - Hans Eworth, private collection (b/w)

Mary I - Hans Eworth, private collection

Family of Henry VIII - unknown artist, Duke of Buccleuch

Unknown Lady - National Portrait Gallery

Family of Henry VIII - engraving by F. Bartolozzi (Ditton Park?)

Elizabeth when Princess c. 1555 (whereabouts unknown)

Henry, Mary and Will Somers - Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation, Houston

Lady Mary Tudor - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Mary I, when princess - by Hans Eworth (?) Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Mary's Prayer Book - Westminster Cathedral Library

Exchequer detail - HM the Queen

Elizabeth in coronation robes - National Portrait Gallery, London

1893 engraving of Queen Mary by Antonio Moro

Mary Tudor - based on Moro - Royal Collection

The family of Henry VIII: The Allegory of the Tudor Succession attributed to Lucas De Heere(on loan to Sudeley Castle)

(owned by Earl of Scarbrough)

Mary I - sculpture - Earl of Scarbrough

Mary I - full length sculpture, House of Lords







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